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About us

Who Are We
Rolait is young and lively startup that aims at providing hassle free and fun tailoring experience with all new designs and patterns with our team of talented designers. We provide awesome tailoring experience with one stop solution for all your clothing needs. We offer free measurement, pick-up and delivery service with quality and on-time delivery.

Our Beliefs
Can tailored fashion change the world? Our answer is "Yes! ,Change the fashion industry with us". Tailored is a lifestyle where everybody is a winner: you, who are wearing our clothes, the tailors and our Planet.

Our Product

If you’re particular about how a shirt fits, you’re in good company. Our custom measured size options are incredibly comprehensive for any body type. We have a powerful interface, combined with clear, helpful advice from the stylist to give you full control of your sizing and fit.

Our Fabric
We’ve been designing our own custom fabrics, selecting the precise colors, patterns and construction to achieve the ideal look, comfort and performance all made in our very own India. In all categories, we carry a wide range of fabric qualities from relatively basic constructions up to luxurious 120s two-ply sea-island cotton.

What You Get
With Rolait you choose, interact, learn and create! This is the process that gives birth to your perfect shirt par excellence, manufactured in India with your measures and with your personality. This way, you don't have to go to many stores looking for the shirt that "looks like" the one you've always desired. And you don't have to start your research again when it's time to replace the old shirt. Once you place the order, the shirt will be manufactured only for you, and shipped to your home within three weeks.